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What we can do for you

We offer our customers not only modern high-performance presses and contract manufacturing. Our many years of experience in industry and research enable us as a service provider to analyze complex problems of companies and find customized solutions.


On-site tests on a container scale

We come to you with our ATNA pilot plants. During an on-site test we will find out what an efficient pressing process for your needs looks like. For this purpose, we use short analysis, elementary analysis, determination of fuel and calorific value, maceral analysis, comminution tests, drying tests, or tests on particle size distribution as well as raw and bulk density.

Briquetting tests

ATNA's great know-how in the fields of research and development and the close cooperation with the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg has advantages for you. All this enables us to perform extensive briquetting tests for our customers. We carry out tests on laboratory and demonstration presses. For tests on a larger scale, we offer demo tests on the ATNA pilot plant (50 kg/h).

Feasibility studies

We look at your existing plants and find ways for an effective and cost-efficient conversion and retrofit together with you. Our experts will work with you to plan your new plant construction and integration, so your processes are working smoothly in the future and a high level of productivity is achieved.

Product Development

We develop design fuels for you, perfectly matched to the needs of the user. For this purpose, we use modern methods of product analysis such as tests on compressive strength, abrasion resistance, drop resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, UV resistance, raw and bulk density, thermal stability, combustion behavior and coking behavior.


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If we can help you with our services, please let us know. Simply use our contact form so that we can talk to each other and find a solution for you together.

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