Two steps to the solution



More efficiency through smart splitting

Step 1 - In shape with little pressure

In the first step, the loose material is pressed with moderate pressure through a channel into the so-called forming tool. A ram driven by a hydraulic cylinder pushes the material into the tool, covering a large part of the way.


Step 2 - Highest force with low wear

The second step is the main pressing. Only there the process takes place under maximum pressing force of a second punch. Because only a short distance has to be covered during this process and therefore little friction is generated, the components remain intact for a long time.



Use our presses for your advantage

Think about the briquetting of your raw and residual materials in a completely new way and benefit from our innovative technology.

Save costs quite simply

Our modern agglomeration process gets by with little electrical power. Because components are spared, maintenance costs are lower.

Make processes more efficient

BRIQUETTING can be done directly at your site by our presses. There are no costs for the removal of the raw materials or residues. This saves time and money.

Operate sustainably

A cycle is created in which residual materials can be used to make briquettes by pressing. In the future, you too can save resources and protect the environment.