Field of application

Renewable raw materials

Recycling of wood chips and harvest residues

Challenge & Solution

Starting point

The woodworking industry produces large quantities of sawdust. Pressed into briquettes, the wood can be used as fuel. What many people do not know, however: Harvest waste such as rice straw, bagasse from sugar production, straw goods and biomass can also be briquetted.

Our approach

With the presses of ATNA Industrial Solutions renewable raw materials are easily turned into briquettes. Especially our small plants are an attractive possibility for many producers, as for example in agriculture, to use their residual materials sensibly. A refinement to coke or activated carbon is also conceivable.

Your added value

The form of a briquette opens new transport possibilities and thus also new sales markets. In addition, the plants allow the production of climate-friendly organic briquettes, which are used for grilling in Germany and Europe.

optimized added value
Increased time efficiency
sustainable operation


Let us speak with each other

You want to use your renewable raw materials sensibly? Get in contact with us. We look forward to answering your questions.