Field of application

Mineral raw materials

Pressing of finest mineral dusts

Challenge & Solution

Starting point

One example: To produce pig iron, iron ore pieces are reduced together with coke in blast furnaces. Iron ore dust is already produced during mining, which is too fine to be processed in the blast furnace. These iron ore fines are therefore transformed into pellets and then sintered at high temperatures. That is expensive.

Our approach

We have the cost-effective alternative. For this purpose, mineral residues such as lime, quicklime, potash salt, dolomite, sponge iron or bentonite are briquetted together with a binder. This hardens in the kiln and provides the necessary mechanical stability exactly when it is needed. Sintering is no longer necessary.

Your added value

Our process is less expensive and has a positive effect on the energy and environmental balance. Especially our large machines are very well suited for mineral raw materials. They run automatically and in three-shift operation. The simple scalability of the plants effectively increases the throughput per hour.

Increase profits
Be faster than the competition
Environmentally friendly work


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