Metal curls and chips


Challenge & Solution

Starting point

The facts speak for themselves. Almost two million tons of rolled aluminum were produced in Germany in 2018. Almost half of it is left over as chips. This makes metal chip briquetting or metal curl briquetting, which allow further use, attractive for companies.

Our approach

The ATNA presses are perfectly suited for briquetting metal chips and curls. Among other things, residual materials such as aluminum chips, copper chips or brass chips can be processed. Our small plants are used for this purpose. For more extensive tasks we recommend our large presses.

Your added value

Companies that process metal waste directly at their own premises save storage and transport costs. The technology also allows the recovery of coolants and lubricants and is also very well suited for better melting down the metal later.

lucrative recycling of waste materials
Competitive advantage through fast profitability
environmentally friendly reuse of the residual materials


Let us talk about your wishes

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