Fossil resources

Utilization of soft lignite and hard coal

Challenge & Solution

Starting point

Briquetting soft and hard lignite and hard coal has been common practice for a long time. In order to make coal, peat, anthracite and oil shale processable, pressing is an important step. Today, this should be done at a reasonable price, while at the same time protecting the environment and resources.

Our approach

The fact that the ATNA process is effective with fossil raw materials was already demonstrated at the first prototype plant at RWE. A total of up to 3.2 tons could be processed there in one hour. In this context, coal gasification for the production of so-called synthesis gases, which serve as starting materials for the chemical industry, is also of particular importance.

Your added value

Our high-performance presses can be used flexibly. The enormous advantages of the modular design as well as the low wear and tear and the associated advantages for maintenance are important arguments for our customers who want to process larger quantities.

Minimize costs
Saving time
Promoting sustainability


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