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ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH, which is based in Leipzig, develops and sells innovative high-performance presses for the recycling of raw materials and residues - regardless of whether wood or metal shavings, sewage sludge or biomass.

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profitable utilization of raw materials and residues


Competitive advantage through fast profitability


Environmentally friendly reuse of raw materials and residues

Your fields of application

Metal chips and curls

- Aluminium
- Copper
- Brass
- Steel


- Wood chips
- Barks
- Dusts

Waste materials

- Sewage sludge
- Fermentation residues
- Furnace remnants

Fossil materials

- Lump-coke production
- Gasification
- Briquetting

Our innovative process using the example of wood

Our presses enable you to compress your raw materials and residues into briquettes, making them easier and cheaper to transport, store and process. In addition to briquetting, we also offer solutions for upstream and downstream process steps.

1. crushing / milling

Setting the optimum grain size

2. drying

Adjusting the optimal briquetting moisture

3. conditioning

Admixing of additives or binders

4. briquetting

Production of the desired briquette shape

follow-up processes

e.g. thermal treatment

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That sets us apart from other manufacturers

With our newly developed technology with the two-step pressing process, we can reduce the energy consumption and the wear compared to other manufacturers.
Lower operating costs
Increase plant availability
Reduction of wear
Lowering storage and transport costs
Increase economic efficiency
Profitable utilization of the briquette
Flexible and tailored solutions

Our partners

Together with these partners we work in various industrial and research projects:

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